Reclaiming Purpose.



We're more than just an area code, we are a destination. A state of mind. An escape from the prototypical.


Four Two Three embraces the beauty of a bygone era steeped in originality, in individuality. We have reclaimed the philosophy of our grandparents, where when something is broken you fix it - not throw it away. We reinvent, reuse, merge vintage and contemporary to reclaim purpose in a totally unique way. Handmade and quality crafted in Chattanooga, TN.


Hello. I'm Susan.


For me, it’s never really mattered so much what I was making as long as I was making something. From anxious energy and a few of my favorite things (antiques, flea markets, junk stores, design and the simple act of creating things with my own two hands) Four Two Three was born. 

I’ve always been inspired by sustainable design and objects that spark dialogue about history and culture. How fun to think where an item has been, who used it and the life it led before it was restored/reinvented. To me, it's all about the art of story telling. A modern day Cinderella story, if you will - in the form of stylish home decor and functional every-day accessories. 

The 2014 Top Con speakers loved their custom swag bags! Thanks for your contribution!
— Top Conference Event Staff
Thanks for the custom tote. I absolutely love it! You’re the best!
— Amber Asberry, Belle & Boots Press

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