Welcome to 423

Hi. I'm Susan and this is my passion project. I've been cultivating and culminating it for the majority of my life. Even before I ever thought it could be a sustainable business, I made things. Why? Well, the creative force has always been what grounds me, what keeps me sane in this crazy world. I suppose, in many ways it's been my therapy. In the midst of the creative process all of the worries and the chatter fall away - and, yep, it's delightful and pretty damn satisfying.

Getting to the point of launching this website has been both exciting and truly terrifying. Because now it's real. Like, real, real. Like, I'm sharing it with the world, real.


So, with shaky hands and a thumping heart, I welcome you to the workings of Four Two Three! I hope that you'll find beauty in these small bits of reclaimed history, these trash turned treasures, these unique additions to your home. I look forward to sharing both my work and creative process with you.

XO, Susan